Sunrise Wooden Spa Treatment Couch

Sunrise Wooden Spa Treatment Couch

£1,495.83 ex VAT

• 3 motor couch
• Motorised adjustment of couch height
• Motorised adjustment of backrest angle
• Motorised adjustment of knee height
• Smooth silent operation
• Face rest included
• Rounded corners
• Deep comfort upholstered

● Length: 221cm
● Width: 74cm
● Height range: 63cm to 86cm
● Carrying Capacity: 230kg (36 stones)
● Weight: 89kg OPTION: All couches include a hand-held conrol unit. There is the option to have an additional foot control unit and that can be used with the hand-held unit (both plug in to the couch at the same time).

Additional information

Weight89 kg
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White, Black, Brown


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